a 30 year partnership

This 30-year partnership began in 1981 during the incorporation of Walter E. Heller leasing subsidiary in Colombia. As a result of this experience, Ricardo was named President and Jorge Sales Vice President of Leasing Grancolombiana, today Leasing Bancolombia, a leading leasing company in the country and the region. During the second term of 1990, Ricardo was summoned by Banco Unión Colombiano to initiate Leasing Union, the bank’s first leasing company, and to act both as CEO and shareholder. That same year Jorge joined him as Sales Vice President. With their management the company’s assets grew 30 times the initial amount in six years only. In 1996 AT&T CAPITAL bid for the acquisition of Leasing Union but the negotiation didn’t come to completion. The setback didn’t discourage AT&T CAPITAL who decided to commission Jorge and Ricardo to introduce leasing operations into Latin American financial structures. The work they carried out in Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Colombia was based on knowledge gained through studies and hands-on commercial experience in the United States.

Ricardo Muñoz

Ricardo has been a key consultant in numerous projects related to Strategic Planning, Market Entry Analysis and…

Jorge Posada

With his broad experience in finance and management, Jorge has been able to restructure business models for…